Saneworld Trilogy

by Unterzone



A trio of themed tracks. Created between 2009 and 2011 and themed around madness and its uses.


released September 1, 2012

Jeremy Gluck and Dave Fuglewicz plus diverse Tapegerm Loop Community artists.



all rights reserved


Jeremy Gluck UK

A multi-disciplinary creative now working musically with The Carbon Manual, Plasticon, Robert Coyne and a diversity of international artists such as Bronwyn Bonney and Dave Fuglewicz. Digital and fine artist, founder of Nonceptualism.

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Track Name: Saneworld (Sane Mix)
I’m looking for something I can’t lose
I almost lost it
I’m snowblinded and underfed
I’m supposed to be finding out
I’m losing in
I didn’t lose it, I lost myself
I was lost, now I’m finding

No records of value are kept
I have no map that isn’t burning
I’m not a suitcase, I never packed
I’m not alone, the terminal is full
The lines follow the horizon at right angles
I’m going in corners
Instead of limping around the point, let’s cut it loose
I’m an explorer, a random discoverer
I am lost and wish to remain so

I reject that in this world madness is a distinct or important reality.
Interestingly, some of the greatest criminals in history were not insane.
And nor were the minority that permitted them with their apathy to let their crimes be perpetrated at length

It takes a mad man to kill one man
It takes a sane man to hill one hundred thousand

I reject the description of a Hitler or a Stalin as insane.
They were at the apex of sanity, and saw that the collective unconscious is scarred with its own cruelty and can be used.
The insane are at the edges, like hungry dogs, existing on the scraps of the sane.
But important for their explorations, beyond and behind and inside the SANEWORLD.

I disdain your SANEWORLD
It is known
It has nothing to teach me
And by stumbling out of it into the explorer role I glimpse freedom from the sane and their dreary, self -important cruelty
If this sounds radical, it’s because you hear it only from habitual sanity
I’m nothing to lose; I love it when you say ‘It’s all in your mind’, as though the predictable stupidities of SANEWORLD are less deluded.
Unless you’re like me, I’m bored with you, and that makes us about square

What makes me laugh is that one is mad, acts mad, and is accused of madness and denigrated for being mad, and for being
And that the sane are blind to their insanity
It’s highly amusing, remarkable, that the supposedly sane are so crippled with self importance over their superior mental state

Yet we are all explorers
My exploration is of your madness, to know it and feel it
Yours is to be sane and rejoice in it
I don’t need as many reasons for things as you, and that’s my taste of freedom
You want answers which I have, but no questions and so no context
What do I need answers for?
I am an explorer of the unfindable and the snow blind