Eastern Eye

by Jeremy Gluck & Friends

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A new collection of at the moment material. Featuring The Blue Kobold, Crypanthus and other artists.


released June 30, 2011

Jeremy Gluck and various int'l artists.



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Jeremy Gluck UK

A multi-disciplinary creative now working musically with The Carbon Manual, Plasticon, Robert Coyne and a diversity of international artists such as Bronwyn Bonney and Dave Fuglewicz. Digital and fine artist, founder of Nonceptualism.

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Track Name: Jeremy Gluck and omniiq - Age Takes Everything (Omniiq Interpretation Mix)
Age takes everything
Your face, it takes away
What you remembered
Looking at a memory
Of me, that ceased to be
Age takes every...melody

Age takes every-sing
Every song, every line
Every word I sing will be taken
If I am not mistaken
By a mistake already I am

Age takes and won't give back
I remember a you
I never knew
I saw in your face
What's left of what age takes

All the world is a stage
The people its actors
Age its detractor
Other factors
Drugs, alcohol
Selfishness, lies
Light has its purpose
But you can't see it
You know what to do
But you can't be it
Trapped inside ourselves
Tidying the same four dreams
Past, present, future, me
Age takes everything

Sing me a song
Where the words aren't wrong
I like a rhyme
'Cause I can't keep time
Play a guitar or drive a car
Age takes everything
Least it does so far
Age gives everything