Div Joyvision (Expanded Edition) by Michael Dent and Jeremy Gluck

by Jeremy Gluck



Div Joyvision by "Datawhore" and michael dent.

Datawhore is a sound poet based in the UK and creating solo or collaborating with a number of other artists. The alter ego of cult musician Jeremy Gluck of The Barracudas, Datawhore's sounds cover a wide spectrum, from the outrightly ironic and satirical to the very serious and intense.

After a considerable layoff for other creative pursuits, Datawhore initiated a collaboration with fellow Canadian michael dent, himself formerly of first wave Toronto punk band The Dents, which have now been compiled onto an iTunes album entitled “Div Joyvision”, selections from which have been remixed featuring luminaries such as Mick Harvey of Nick Cave's Bad Seeds.

Michael Dent takes up the story behind “Div Joyvision”:

"I kept seeing the name Jeremy Gluck on a lot of my friends’ Facebook friends sections - and again in a message thread - and I asked Ralph Alfonso who he was - the name seemed familiar - Ralph told me to Google him- I replied- just tell me, Ralph - it was like asking my Mom the meaning of a word- and look it up in the dictionary - the next reply was from Jeremy - he was on the mass thread - he told me he used to be in The Barracudas - I know Nick Turner - he was the drummer- and went on to The Lords of the New Church - we added each other to our Facebook and MySpace - Jeremy’s alter ego is Datawhore - an electronic Eno-esque style sound - he's a 'sound poet'- I never got that till later on.

"Jeremy heard some of my tracks on MySpace - and the suggestion was made to do some Datawhore tracks - with my words and voice - I sent Jeremy three CD’s of me reading my stuff - soon we had a track - and it just took off from there - we met online - worked online - and the album sells online - the new way - after the first track was done - it became apparent the term sound poet - it all made sense - what he did to my words with his sound - was impressive - considering we had never met - but he so captured the 'feeling' I was trying to get with my words - some extremely so - i.e. Olivier - I’m very proud of the album - and of course Jeremy’s work and production - I also found out - in the course of our chats online - that he wrote “Burning Skulls Rise” which Lydia lunch recorded on her “Shotgun Wedding” album - the first one - and Jeremy also worked with Epic Soundtracks and Rowland S. Howard so I knew I was in very good company - and that's about it - and quite possibly there will be further collaboration with a further album - I certainly hope so."


released April 12, 2014

Datawhore - michael dent - detritus.



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Jeremy Gluck UK

A multi-disciplinary creative now working musically with The Carbon Manual, Plasticon, Robert Coyne and a diversity of international artists such as Bronwyn Bonney and Dave Fuglewicz. Digital and fine artist, founder of Nonceptualism.

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Track Name: Datawhore - michael dent - Olivier
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