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An ongoing compilation of online collaborations.

"Some may read these words, some may have heard these words, some may hear the tape recordings, some may want to hear, but will be thrown so far away from the tapes, due to circumstances, that it won't be
possible. There are millions of varieties of forms in the total manifestation, but the source of all is the consciousness. What is this consciousness? Does anyone think along these lines?" - Nisargadatta


released May 5, 2010




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Jeremy Gluck UK

A multi-disciplinary creative now working musically with The Carbon Manual, Plasticon, Robert Coyne and a diversity of international artists such as Bronwyn Bonney and Dave Fuglewicz. Digital and fine artist, founder of Nonceptualism.

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Track Name: Jeremy Gluck, Jack Wrigley & Dave Fuglewicz - A Progression of Innocence
I continue to dream of you:
You sleep in my son’s old bed
(He is downstairs)
Your thick black hair tousled
You stir in the bed and see me
I’m looking over you, your brown skin on a plain white pillow
You say, I’m in love with you
I ask, You’re in love with me?
(Because you were never in love with me.)
You say, I think I am.
I ask, Do you think of me all the time, do you want to see me all the time?
...Then you’re in love with me.

You’re at the other end of the bed by now, I don’t know how
We kiss, our lips don’t meet exactly but there is commitment there
I think I hold you, your long arms
You still look like a bird and your nest is a mess
That funny fear is gone, though, your eyes are clear and innocent.
Track Name: Keaton and some random radio announcer from the Sixties. - Funtastic Power "bacaruda fun times"
Don't go there.
Track Name: Jeremy Gluck and The Implicit Order - Danish Jets Taking Off From Bases in Sicily
Samples of Danish jets leaving bases in Sicily en route to Libya.