What's Done Can Never Be Put Down

by Jeremy Gluck & Others


Jeremy Gluck UK

A multi-disciplinary creative known best as songwriter and lead singer of The Barracudas now working with The Carbon Manual, Plasticon, Robert Coyne and a diversity of international artists such as Bronwyn Bonney and Dave Fuglewicz.

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Track Name: My Angel
With her scars and her tattooes
I can't love without her
There's nobody else
That lets me forget
Remember, be blessed

Before my angel
The world was unmade
Ashamed, dark and unnamed
Now it has shape, and definition
In her arms I will submission

End of story beginning
No more saints, no more sinning
No more anything less than surrender
Only love can live in her
Only light can bend her

Before her I never knew that living
Could mean being forgiven
My angel, my beloved stranger
Draw me near, make me clear
I believe in you